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"As parents and guardians, we are our children's first teachers, and even after they may have entered into the public/private school setting, we continue to teach them, every day - whether we ourselves are paying attention to the lessons or not."

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LIFE AS WE DESIGN IT  |  the book!

Our four middle-, elementary- and preschool-aged children have not attended public or private school yet in the traditional sense. For the extent of each of their lives to date, their education has primarily been based at home, has extended out into our immediate community and further still, out to the broader world at large. It hasn’t been easy. We’re not perfect; and, we’re not done.  Have a look for yourself.  All things considered, we think they’re doing just fine so far. 

“School is every place you learn,” we say, and “the whole world is your classroom.”

In the 10 years we’ve been living this out, we have been approached in all kinds of ways with all kinds of questions and comments:

Why would you do that? How does it work? Does it work? How long will it work? Are the children on par with traditionally-schooled kids? Are you worried about their socialization? Are they tested at the end of each year? How do you manage it all? Can you homeschool my kids? How do I begin homeschooling my children? The list goes on and on.

We’re finally gathering up the most frequently asked questions (19 of them to be exact) and writing out our family’s personal responses.

It’s important to note here that every homeschool/unschool/worldschool family is different. If you were to peer into the lives of two such families in the same neighborhood on the same street, you just might find them to be polar opposites—in philosophy, in approach, in appearance, in all ways.  You might also find that there are fundamental similarities. We urge you to do your own research. This ebook, this website in its entirety, all our offerings are based on our own experiences and many years of research. Our voices are a few in a sea of many.

For some of you, this stop will be a starting place, for others, reiteration and confirmation of what you already know and are already doing. We expect that some folks may not be fond of us. We invite those folks to respectfully and thoughtfully engage with us or kindly close the tab and journey on past this experience. 

We hope this ebook, Life As We Design It, will help to demystify the idea of home-based education, a bit at practical and a bit a theoretical levels, especially for those of you who might be miseducated about it and/or intimidated at the idea of even trying to consider it. We hope that it will provoke further thought, further questioning and conscious action. That action might be deciding to keep your children in traditional school and staying your current course. It may be keeping them in their current school configuration and supplementing or complimenting learning facilitation in a more deliberate way than you had been at home. It may be going on to further collect the courage and resources you will certainly need, and choosing to register one or all of your children with your state, officially, as homeschoolers. It is your life to design as you choose.

Thanks for your time here.

Power and love,

Yolonda (Mama) Jones. x