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“I prefer to take it all in from grounded, balanced footing (when I’m not dancing), with steady, paced breathing... and hearty belly laughs when appropriate.”


Recently, I visited with a dear client. I hadn’t seen her in years. Through the magic of social media and small-town living—I infamously call our present locale “Mayberry” (I might be dating myself here with that particular TV show reference)—we had been able to send love to one another from time to time as well as gather quick first-hand updates here and there from our respective immediate family members in passing. It was as if no time had been lost, during this most recent meeting. We got right into our flow—caught up, laughed, shed some tears, did the work we’d met to do in the first place and went along our separate ways again. As we conversed, the topic of my life partnership came up. No surprises there. What did turn out to be both surprising and heartily amusing (all I could do was laugh) was the story she shared with me... about me.. as she’d heard it in passing from “the streets”...of “Mayberry.” 

It wasn’t so much that there was a story to bring back that was surprising, but more the details of the story that someone or a group of someones took good, sacred time from their lives to completely, and I mean entirely, fabricate. This was by no means the first and I’m sure will not be the last time rumors or lies go spinning about me or any of mine through the rumor mill.

Despite what some folks may think they are perceiving on or taking from this blog, my social media, our podcast or in-person conversations with me I am quite guarded when I offer—in the form of my written or spoken words, my images and my sounds—parts of my life story to the world beyond my immediate circle of family and count-on-one hand friends. Deciding to share at all has been a complicated choice to make. Knowing full well that other humans out there are each in their own journey-places and consciousness levels, I took a good amount of time before launching this blog a year ago, and I still take time, before coming to any of my platforms to share. Folks, by and large, seem to not feel comfortable enough to publically engage on these posts but my email, text message and social media inboxes along with in-person exchanges certainly affirm that what I do share (about personal growth and evolution, parenting, marriage or relationships in broad sense) is helping someone—a lot of someones, actually. And that, for me, is the point of it all: you heal, I heal, we all heal together and the world improves as direct result of that work.

But what about the rumors and lies? What about the way all of that looks and feels? “What about your friend/associate So-and-So or So-and-So or SO-and-so that was there when this happened or that happened and went back and did this or that with it.”  ...You see? The folks out there who are completely manufacturing made-up stories have nothing on the past inner sanctum folks who had actually been trusted with parts of the factual stuff you haven’t read about in any blog or social media post but who, for reasons only known to them, decided in seasons or however otherwise ended up doing all manor of sharing and spinning to suit their own needs at whatever time(s) they did so—with no consideration of how doing so may impact me or my household.

Messy. Scandalous. Burdensome. Annoying. Painful. And... c’est la vie (say-la-vee); such is life. If I’ve learned one thing in my journey thus far, it is that: all of this is life.

I wrote a song last year that talks about the breaking, the joy, the confusion, the fleeting nature of it all, the lies, the betrayals, the love, the loyalty, the shame, the devastation, the friends and the enemies. 

And the hook says:

 “Hold steady, baby. Lift up your head. Hold steady, baby. Try to catch your breath.”

And once you catch it, “continue to breathe.” Keep pressing. 

I believe in the Breath. ...So much power there.

I change intense energies into individual and collective healing expressions through the filter of simply my [be.]ing. Alchemy. Transmutation. That is what generally feels best and most like “home frequency” for me. Do I, have I, will I ever occupy other frequencies? Hell yes. Who is perfect among us? And that might feel really good or even justified for a time, but those places tend to not be sustainable or enduring, I’ve found. At some point you gotta zoom out—see yourself and the world more fully. I prefer to take it all in from grounded, balanced footing (when I’m not dancing), with steady, paced breathing... and hearty belly laughs when appropriate. This is how I personally strive to handle the rumors, lies and chaos—and life, in general. 

As for hearsay, believe less than half of that. Chances are you got the bootleg version. 

What have you done to raise your vibration today? 








“The Silent Treatment”: Steady Learning to Listen and to Speak Quality Words

“The Silent Treatment”: Steady Learning to Listen and to Speak Quality Words