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Life As We Design It.
Photo:  Yolonda Jones  

Photo: Yolonda Jones 

One will hardly ever find us "sitting formally" in desks "for school." On occasion the children will stop or gather at the little table for reflecting, writing, building, playing or general mess-making. Otherwise, we're all over the place.

We get so many folks asking us how it works, if it works, for how long it'll work, are the children on par with traditionally-schooled kids, are we worried about their socialization? 

In a few words: they're just fine.

Broadly: we facilitate our eclectic homeschool/unschool/worldschool by "doing life" with our kiddos. We do not currently use a boxed curriculum. We take the children's questions seriously. We read a lot--the children read alone, we read to them, they read to each other (including to and with their little brothers) across subjects and age recommendations. We get outside as much and as often as we can. We introduce them (and they introduce us!) to academic, cultural and social concepts, etc. that we explore together. They explore independently. We utilize technology and the web. We love the library--and not just for books. We incorporate community teachers and experts (everyone from grandparents to business-owner colleagues to friends to state and local leaders to the medical staff at regular eye checkups for mama to the pest control servicer who shows up at our home) to demonstrate and investigate concepts in real life situations. We do this year-round with very little consideration for traditional school hours or seasons. The children participate in cooperative learning spaces to varying degrees. They have been involved in sports, dance, theater, science camp, foreign language study, and music to name a few activities. 

"School is every place you learn," we say, and "the whole world is your classroom."

We're answering the top 17 frequently asked questions folks as us about our learning lifestyle in our latest ebook: Life As We Design It: One Family's Answers to Your Frequently Asked Homeschool/Unschool/Worldschool Questions

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Power and love,

Yolonda. x

Breathe, Baby: Teaching Children Self-Mastery

Breathe, Baby: Teaching Children Self-Mastery

As Real As We Can Be.

As Real As We Can Be.