Hang with us as we have several e-books, books, a podcast and other exciting resources in the works that openly discuss our experiences in more than 10 years of marriage, 9 years of entrepreneurship + our homeschool/unschool/worldschool lifestyle.

As Real As We Can Be.

Welcome to our marriage- and family-life blog. Thank you for stopping by. We hope you'll feel welcomed and safe here. 

Our goal with this space is to do our part to turn that whole idea of those picture-perfect, no struggle, no heartache, no mistakes, fictitious "Joneses" thing on its ear and keep it real about our personal experiences (happening to be actual people with the last name Jones) with and in brokenness, betrayal, separation, conscious relational agreement-making, home-based education, raising free black people, healing from emotional and physical traumas, faith and personal philosophy evolutions, entrepreneurship and more. 

In our individual and shared healing work (especially during the deliberate and conscious portions of it thus far) we have each witnessed over and over again the communal power and necessity of transparency and vulnerability. We have also felt a certain responsibility to our separate and collective journeys to share our stories (as invited to) with folks who are coming down through places we've walked or are presently walking. 

We sense an opportunity to call attention and offer our own voices to honest conversations about some important and not nearly enough talked about (in healthy, constructive ways) things.  As a society, in our various people space groupings, we hush, ignore, paint over, make fun of, preach about, shun and perform our doings and opinions in unfortunately uneven and damaging ways. I imagine we might do this because we don't know how to go in toward our own selves--not even to mention towards others--to sort through in a balanced and thoughtful way why it is we do the things we do or believe whatever it is we happen to believe. Maybe we are ashamed. Undoubtedly we are uncomfortable. Perhaps we're fearful. Perhaps we're too proud.

If you're in the middle of a mess; if you're struggling with anything; if you're envisioning your future or being held captive to your past; if you're feeling like a phoenix bird having recently died in some way, now rising from the ashes and just about to spread your new wings, Will (Papa Jones) and I want you to first know that you're not alone. In more ways than you might imagine, we are just like you.  

We want to address questions we're asked quite frequently about our marriage, our businesses, our personal growth journeys, and the life we're designing for ourselves and for our little ones. At the heart of it all, we hope that we can help someone. 

To that end, we are working on several offerings: 

-"Life As We Design It" is an ebook that answers frequently asked questions about what we're doing with our children--all things home-based education. (Get your free sample of it here.)

-"Fire Inside" and "Broken Open" are both ebooks about surviving and thriving, respectively, in and after life-shattering traumas--journeying through injury, loss, grief stages and recovering mind, body, heart and soul. 

And lastly,

We're excited about the series of children's books we have in the works. It is based on our home-based ed, entrepreneurial, unschool, black American, larger family lifestyle and encourages intergenerational reading together and conscious parenting/guardianship--whatever the schooling configuration. Titles include "Baba Shumba" (Daddy Lion), "Fractions in the Lemonade," "Market Day," and "Big Feelings."  

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Power and love,

Yolonda & Will. 

Life As We Design It.

Life As We Design It.

Space for Self-Actualization: Ask Better Questions?

Space for Self-Actualization: Ask Better Questions?