Photo by  Amy Benoit

Photo by Amy Benoit


We are the joneses. 

"Our family unit is [the children's] starting place and school for them extends out as far and as wide as their bodies and minds will carry them." 

- An excerpt from the latest ebook, Life As We Design It.

You've maybe heard the saying "Keeping Up with The Joneses."  Well, we're a version of that figurative family down the street - highly visible and seemingly perfect. But, we're them in real, messy, unadulterated, scarred, broken, yet healing, resilient and beautiful life. Our actual family name is Jones, but yeah, we're working to turn that whole "perfect family" thing on its ear. Our family has won a bit of social media fame by way of several images depicting moments from our life going viral on the interwebs. We want folks to truly know that we (and most other "Joneses") are just like everyone else - flaws and all. We want to further submit that much of what we are able to do may be more possible than you might think for you to do too.

We are Americans born of African ancestry living presently in America, married to each other for more than 10 years, owners of a few small businesses and parents to two daughters and twin sons - all of who have had their education primarily based at home from birth. We are firm believers in self-determination and well-rounded education that includes but is not at all limited to academics. This body of work is part of an ongoing conversation about that. 

Thank you for your interest and readership.

The Joneses. x